December To-Do List

10 things to do in December

by Arie Shaver, Reporter

1. Set up the Christmas tree

Christmas is quickly approaching, and it’s time to set up the tree if you haven’t already. You can find trees at your local tree market, or find a premade tree from the store to avoid smells and pine needles. Take your decorations out from the attic or basement and start decorating. Don’t forget the angel or star on top.

2. Watch holiday films

The holidays are near, and now you can enjoy your favorite holiday films, and some new ones, to spread the Christmas cheer. Whether they are new or throwbacks, there are many Christmas films to view on many different platforms. 

3. Shop for Christmas presents

If you haven’t already, you can begin looking for Christmas presents for friends and family online. Check out some of the online stores and their seasonal sales through the internet. Don’t forget to browse Amazon for those gadgets and small gifts that others would like. 

4. Stock up on Christmas candy

Candy canes are back on the shelves, and now it’s time to indulge and try some of your favorite flavors. There may even be other limited edition candy that only comes around in December, so make sure to check out the candy aisle at the stores.

5. Make hot chocolate and cookies

As it’s getting colder outside, cozy up with a hot chocolate and some warm cookies to enjoy while watching or movie or spending time with family. 

6. Decorate with Christmas decor

As Christmas approaches, it’s time to bring out the lights and the mini Santas. Why not bring out some of your old Christmas decor, or shop for some new ones and decorate the house. 

7. Binge-watch Christmas specials

Many TV shows have Christmas specials, so why not binge-watch some of your favorite Christmas episodes in those shows that you’ve missed? You can also rank them from best to worst while watching them.

8. Make a Christmas-list

As Christmas is just around the corner, it’s time to start making your lists. Think about some of the things you want, and make a note to yourself on what to ask for Maybe even share the note with friends and family. 

9. Drive around and look at Christmas lights

Around your neighborhood, you can see many Christmas lights and decorative props at night. Take a night stroll or drive around the neighborhood to get a look at some of these Christmas decorations and bright lights. 

10. Listen to some Holiday music

It’s time to bring out the Christmas playlist for the holidays, so why not pick your songs in advance? Blast some of your favorite songs and rule out which ones to play on Christmas day. Maybe even explore some new playlists and mixes on YouTube.