Bring Back Broadcast at LHS

by Caroline Cravens, Staff Writer

Some say print news is dying; in some ways, it is. Broadcast news is becoming a major part of our society. If LHS offers a newspaper program, they should offer a broadcast program too. Think about it, frequently people watch the news on TV, but really how often do people read the newspaper?
As broadcasting grows, more people will be interested in pursuing it as a career. High school is for figuring out what you want to study in college, so Leander should offer kids a taste of what broadcasting is like. When writing a successful college application it helps to include past experiences with the desired field of study; a student with even the simplest broadcast made through a high school program stands a better chance of getting into the college applied for than a student applying for the same college without any show of broadcast experience. Students can go find an internship to get that experience, but some students don’t have that option. Whereas at school every student would be welcome to take the broadcast program, and could gain a possibly necessary experience needed for college. High school is all prep for college and the future, and should help in every way possible, there are students that could definitely benefit from a broadcast program.
The broadcasting program doesn’t just benefit the students in it, the whole school can.

Rouse has Raider Nation News, instead of the announcements, they show broadcasts with information and pictures from recent events almost daily. Daily announcements at LHS are sometimes hard to hear, and not a lot of students actually listen. If we had broadcasts like Rouse, perhaps more students would actually pay attention, and instead of just listening, they have a visual to watch as well. Having broadcasts is an efficient way to get out information to everyone in the school.
Although we have a newspaper, many people don’t know much about it. Students want something to watch; they read at school all day, and a newspaper is just one more thing to read. A broadcast gets information out fast and easy and requires a little less work. In today’s society, people just don’t want to read anymore, they want fast and easy. Students might actually watch broadcasts instead of just never really reading a newspaper, or if they prefer to read, additional stories in the newspaper could be advertised at the end of the broadcast.