Coming together through unity


Austin Graham

A pair of hands unified by touch

by Austin Graham, Staff Writer

For the whole history of our species as human beings, we have been separated by race, country, gender and religion. Wars and fights over power have taken over entire countries at once.

If this race wants to prosper, it needs to come together. Instead of separating ourselves by our differences we should unify ourselves by our similarities. Instead of operating as separate governments all the countries in the world should work together as a team, not for their own benefit.

Millions of people die every year from hate crimes because people don’t except other races or sexualities. Millions of people die every year because some people want to have power or land to the point they would kill for it. Millions of people die every year because their greed is so strong that they will step on anyone’s shoulders to get it. All of these lives could be saved with unity.

Unity contains the ability to end war. A famous quote that comes to mind when this subject is at hand is “Fight for your world, not your country.” One thing that has always been in human history is war. If all the countries in the world fought for each other as hard as they did for money or power, the possibilities would be endless. All of the money spent on war can be used to build hospitals or feed the poor.

Along with war, poverty has been a substantial issue throughout human history. If everyone was unified, we wouldn’t need to spend near as much money on militaries because who would be left to fight? We could fund more programs to help the homeless get jobs and housing. We could build more soup kitchens to feed the ones who don’t have enough money to feed themselves.

It has been said that separation of the world is good because it allows for culture and individuality. If the world came together as one and worked on global issues people could still have their own ideas or cultures. Everything would stay the same except the world’s governments would be working with each other allowing for culture but also establishment.

Unity is the key to the race’s survival. If we stay separated we will end up with more wars, more great depressions, and more poverty. If all the countries came together instead of away, well who knows, maybe we wouldn’t have war or poverty, just progress.