Involvement Leads To Success

by Caroline Cravens

These days it’s not just about grades anymore; students should be involved in sports, clubs, and any extracurricular activity that interests them. The pressure for getting into college is a lot harder than it used to be; colleges aren’t just looking for that all “A’s AP student” anymore. In order to make it in the good schools, kids need to start getting into active extracurriculars. Not only do the outside activities look good for college, but it’s a way for students to be social. Students could possibly meet people through extracurriculars who they wouldn’t normally talk to.
According to Family, colleges look for passionate involvement in a few activities and a demonstration of leadership and initiative in those activities. Being involved with many activities and keeping good grades also shows that a student has great time management. Time management is an important skill to have in college (and life), and thus makes the student more appealing to a college.
Being involved with clubs means coming into contact with lots of new people; a student’s social life will benefit from being in extracurricular activities. The student has the possibility to make some new friends who probably enjoy some of the same things they do.
Some argue that students in extracurriculars will have lower grades. Perhaps slightly they will, but the slightly lower grade will be forgiven (when applying to college) when the college sees how involved the child is. If grades are really that low, students can also get out of extracurriculars.
Not to mention being in an extracurricular is pretty fun. There are several benefits to being in sports, clubs and other outside of school activities. When it comes to deciding to joining a club, if it is interesting, try it out, join it; who knows, maybe one might find something that they really enjoy doing and is beneficial in the future.