LISD Makeup Day on Memorial Day is Disrespectful


LISD should amend its district calendar to where Memorial Day does not fall on a make up day.

Due to inclement and hazardous weather conditions, schools across the country have experienced multiple ice  or snow days, including schools across Texas. Thanks to this unusual weather, practically the entire south has been experiencing freezing temperatures for the past several weeks. So far, LISD has had three school day cancellations and four delays. By state law, delays do not have to be made up later in the year. The same cannot be said for cancellations. For the past eight years, the district has approved a calendar to have our two official make up days fall on the Monday after Easter and Memorial Day. People have not voiced their upset towards this vote because the district has not needed those make up days. Until now, that is.

Typically held on the last Monday of May, Memorial Day was originally founded to honor soldiers who had lost their lives during the Civil War. In later decades, it was expanded to include any soldiers in the United States Armed Forces who had sacrificed their lives for this country.  It is a solemn day of remembrance but also a day to be grateful and joyous. The most common observation of the holiday includes local parades but can also include backyard bar-be-ques and fireworks displays. It’s a time when community comes together to celebrate the lives of those who have fallen, as well as console and comfort their families. This day was put aside for these families especially by the federal government as a thank you for their sacrifice.

It’s understandable that the district is stuck between a rock and a hard place, so to speak. No matter how they decide to set their calendar, someone is going to be unhappy about it. However, instead of having one of our make up days fall on Memorial Day, our district could look into different possibilities for winter weather make up days. There are countless districts across the state that schedule differently. Surely by examining these schedules, we can find something more accommodating. These families have sacrificed so much for the sake of this country; to give them this day of remembrance is the very least we can do.