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Just a Few of the Biggest Social Media Pet Peeves


by Caroline Cravens, Staff Writer

“Oh my gosh it’s raining. No really there’s liquid falling from the sky. There’s rain.”

Ah, welcome to the world of obvious and/or other insignificant social media posts that really get on people’s nerves.

Call them social media pet peeves if you will. My personal social media pet peeve: I absolutely hate it when people post pictures on Instagram that #nofilter but have clearly been edited in Photoshop or some other app. We all know your living room isn’t decorated in sepia tones. Seriously, your senior photos have been edited, and though there’s no Instagram filter, there’s definitely a filter on that photo.

“I have to start with grammar,” senior Bina  Perino said. “People’s wrong usage of to and too, and the wrong you’re or your. People not using their apostrophes correctly. My biggest one is when people use letters to abbreviate everything (like u instead of you). You can’t just type out a word?”

Using too many hashtags create more annoyance. When there’s more than two or three hashtags, that’s too many. Or hashtags that look like they’re a sentence long. Those are just ridiculous. Hashtags in general are unnecessary, but sometimes they just get flat out annoying.

“When girls post their MCM as their boyfriend every single Monday when we know they’ve been dating and we obviously know they are your crush,” junior Maria Young said. “And also when people call each other out for no reason and try to start fights.”

iPhone addicts hate it when others turn their read receipts off. Or when non-iPhone people text and they don’t have iMessage or can’t use Emojis.

“[When] Someone takes a selfie, and they hashtag pretty on a photo of themselves,” junior René Kopecky said. “I’m like, what’s up with that? That’s weird.”

People also can forget there are other people around when they use social media. Having a Vine make sounds when in a public place is super tacky. It bothers other people, and it’s just not classy. Or when people are constantly on their social media and never have anything to say in person.