Original Valentine’s Day: A new spin on Valentine’s Day gifts

   In reality, you should tell someone how much they mean to you every day not just one day a year. Valentines Day is just a day set aside so that you can do something radical for the person in your life who deserves it most. So to say the least, sometimes chocolates and flowers just don’t make a big enough gesture to fill the criteria. Love isn’t about chocolate or heart shaped balloons. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be either.

   Yes the sweets and the candle lit dinners can be a great gesture but “the classics” are unarguably overdone. We have walked into a time that romance is in the eye of the beholder. Even the smallest gesture can be considered the most romantic if it holds meaning for the relationship. Maybe I just spend way too much time on Pinterest to have built faith in the humanity to come up with incredibly cute and original ways to show their affection for one another.

  There’s been debate about whether or not it matters. Some may argue that the classic way of showing love is considered a dream come true for most girls. It’s true that many girls want to have a romantic candlelit dinner or be surrounded by dozens of rose petals, and all of those things may take time and planning as well, but they lack originality which is the most important part of making Valentine’s Day special.

   One original thought that takes half the amount of money is worth twice as much to the heart. It takes thought to sing to her when she is least expecting it, or to create a one of a kind scavenger hunt of all the things that make up your relationship, or to plan  a date inspired on her favorite movie. These things don’t come from a store, they come from the heart. These things say, “Hey, I know things about you and I care about you, so I did all this to show you what my words cannot say.”