Self expression being repressed


Austin Graham

Beautiful shoulder tattoo of a bird and a rose.

by Austin Graham, Staff Writer

A big part of growing up and something that is pushed heavily on most children is self expression. There are many ways for people to express themselves yet some ways are accepted by society and others are often looked down upon.

Tattoos are beautiful works of art that should be accepted as long as it’s not offensive. Nobody should be shamed because of their way they choose to express themselves. For years upon years in human history there has always been conflict. People have been discriminated for their sexuality or their appearance, and that is what is happening with tattoos. People discriminate tattooed people like they’re a race. Denying them jobs, telling their kids to ‘watch out for that guy because he has tattoos’ or assuming someone with tattoos is a punk or trashy, but it needs to stop.

People who give tattoos are referred to as tattoo artists, because they are tattoo artists. Tattoos are a form of art and that is how they should be looked at, not as some act of rebellion or a degenerate symbol. Tattoos can mean the world to some people and can have meanings that are held deep to their heart. Tattoos can be used as symbols of love between a couple or family members, maybe even a remembrance of a passed family member.

As time has continued tattoos have become more accepted among the general population, yet some people still won’t get hired because of their tattoos. People should be allowed to express themselves in a non offensive way and not be punished for it. There shouldn’t be a rule that makes tattooed people cover up their body to work at an establishment.

Tattoos are expensive and if someone pays $200 for a piece of artwork on their body, but have to cover it up because some people may be offended by it then that in itself is just wrong. People shouldn’t be forced to repress their beautiful art on their body due to others lack of acceptance.

It is commonly said that getting a tattoo is not a smart decision because it will be there forever and it will look bad when the tattoo recipient gets older. When someone makes the conscious decision to get a tattoo, the large majority of them know it is permanent and that it will begin to fade, but people still get tattoos because they are beautiful and meaningful parts of some peoples life. Those people are willing to permanently mark their bodies and don’t deserved to be treated as any less of a person for it.

People need to learn how to accept others and not be offended so easily by simple things. If someone wants to express their love through a piece of art on their body, it’s their life and their decisions, no one else’s.