Spring Break Can Be Safe and Fun


by Claire Kyllonen, Staff Writer

Each year, countless students across America rejoice when that final bell rings, announcing the week they’ve been waiting for since January. For the studious, Spring Break is a well-deserved vacation that offers a time to kick back and relax. For others, it is merely an excuse to run wild, party, and consume alcohol. This presents the dark side of Spring Break: the senseless accidents, the overdosing, and the deadly violence.

According to the Journal of American College Health, 18 drinks are consumed a day by guys and 10 a day by girls over the course of Spring Break. The teenage group already has the highest average in car accidents. Mixing that in with alcohol and drugs only heightens the risk.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Spring Break can be a fun experience without ending in a tragedy.There are countless activities students can get involved in that don’t include them risking their lives for the sake of the party.

If your Spring Break calendar is looking a little drab, here are some ideas that can get you started.

  • The City of Austin! Most of us live only about half an hour from the awe-inspiring city that is Austin. Some examples of hot spots are:
  1. Beautiful (and free) places to swim, such as Hamilton Pool and Barton Springs Pool. All natural and relaxing on a hot day.
  2. Museums: Bullock Texas State History Museum, Blanton Museum of Art (check it on a Thursday, when admission is free).
  3. Tour the Texas Capitol! Free tours every half hour.
  4. Hiking and biking on nature trails: Bull Creek Greenbelt Trail
  5. Bowling at the Texas Union
  • Volunteering: a great (and free) opportunity to boost your self esteem AND help your community! The little things you do could mean a lot to someone else. Whether it’s an animal shelter, a soup kitchen, or even just visiting the elderly in a retirement home, volunteering is always a selfless option. It doesn’t have to be about money, only your willingness to take the time.
  • Family vacations. A tag-team or the whole family, it doesn’t matter. There are plenty of destinations for family vacations, like Disney World or Six Flags.
  • I know this is unheard of, but there is a library in this town. And it does have books. So Spring Break could become a chance to increase your vocabulary and strengthen your reading skills for future test-taking!
  • Sleepovers! If you have friends staying in town, call them! A week of opportunity to hang out (and watch Frozen) awaits you.
  • No shame in staying home. If you’re tired of getting up in the morning to drag yourself to school, take the time to catch up on some much needed z’s. You can stay in your pajamas, play video games, and never get behind on homework.

There are countless other activities you can do without putting your life in danger. Not everyone has to heighten the risk to enjoy the party. Remember to make good choices. You can always just say no. Be safe, and stay classy.