Taking Pride in PRIDE Time

Administration makes changes to a daily Advisory


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by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

In previous years, students were plagued with advisory, a 35 minute section in the school day that occurred once a week between second and third period. It often confused students because sometimes it happened, and sometimes it didn’t. “Is today an advisory day?” No one would know. Now, however, with ‘PRIDE Time,’ no one has to memorize what day it takes place because it’s every day.

PRIDE Time, or the equivalent of Advisory, has proven to be effective at other LISD high schools and many school districts throughout the nation. The vision of the administration, according to an email sent out the week before school, is to maximize student potential academically and socially by developing positive relationships between students and adults while promoting student ownership of learning. This is a great improvement to the old advisory.

Students are able to choose what class they would like to go to in order to work on class work or get additional instruction. This also allows extra time for homework that the student was unable to complete, ask other students for help, get ahead on school work, or recover much needed sleep from staying up late working on homework.

It would also allow clubs and organizations to meet during school hours instead of having to find time out of a student’s and teacher’s day for a meeting. Teachers are able to invite students to their PRIDE Time class, and are responsible for them on their rosters.

Teachers would be able to help students review for STAAR and End of Course exams, tutorials, and make-up work. It allows teachers the time to attend to students who may need extra help in classes. Some teachers, however, have restricted PRIDE Times, meaning only a certain number of students are allowed in the class each day, so students should sign up early to insure their spot in the class.

The only downside of PRIDE Time is that it takes time away from the normal four period classes, but it only cuts it down to 82 minutes rather than 90, so it’s not that significant of a cut.

PRIDE Time is a great idea that is beneficial to both teachers and students. It allows time for homework, catching up on sleep, and clubs and organizations meeting.