The Daily Announcements – Who Hears Them?

by Valerie Garner, Editor-in-chief

Every day, during 2nd or 6th period, the announcements are made on the speakers. Some students like to listen to them to hear important dates, to hear about what’s going on, or to hear about UIL results. But some students don’t care to hear the announcements. The announcements are important, and if they were interesting, more students would tune in when the announcements come on.

At some schools, the announcements are broadcast each morning throughout the school. Broadcasting is a delivery of audio and video content to an audience through any audio or visual mass communication. Broadcasting the news could be a possible solution to get more students to listen to the announcements. “I’d rather watch the announcements because I’m a visual person,” junior Lane Van Pelt said, “It would be cool to just watch it on TV like I watch it on the news.”

The announcements could be put on by the journalism department. In each classroom, the announcements could be broadcast live on the projector screen. Students would be more engaged during the announcements. Not only would the daily announcements be made more interesting, but this would also benefit journalism students, allowing them to gain experience in broadcast news. Many kids in journalism would love to have experience in broadcasting. “Broadcasting would have definitely encouraged me to keep going in journalism,” senior Italia Gonsalvez said, “but it would be a great idea to have it at this school in the future.”