The Friend Zone or Something More

by Avery Regan, Staff Writer

People contemplate if romantic feelings are ever involved between friends of the opposite sex.

The truth is, it’s impossible to be “just friends.” At one point in the friendship feelings were involved on one side or the other. Girls often argue that being just friends is possible, but they don’t know what the guys thoughts are, because most of the time a boy is only willing to put that much effort into a friendship with a girl to try and get the boyfriend status.

The” friend zone” is often a place that boys end up. They try to become more than friends by always being there for the girl, hoping that she will grow feelings for him, but that normally  isn’t the outcome. Instead, they just become her “Best Friend.” Then the guy will most likely keep his feelings as a secret.

At some point in the friendship the girl will wonder if the guy could be the one for her. She might not ever do anything about it, but the thought will cross her mind at some point.

Many adults say that their husband or wife is their best friend. If they are willing to make that person that big of a part of their life, then why wouldn’t they marry them? They obviously love them enough to tell them everything and be around them for great amounts of time. It only makes sense for people to marry their best friend.

There is only one solution here, and that is to stop denying the fact that we have or have had feelings for our best friend of the opposite sex. It’s normal for feelings to occur when dealing with someone you’re so comfortable and close with.

As stated before, it’s impossible to be “just friends.” At some point in the relationship one of you have thought about wanting something more.