The Not So Rare Disease

What is this “Senioritis” everyone keeps talking about?

  It’s real! The lack of motivation to complete the most simple of tasks comes when the distractions of life set in and the view of the end seems so close. The underclassmen think they have it, but in all reality, they don’t know the half of it. What is this debilitating disease you may ask? Senioritis, and it’s real!

   It’s not that seniors no longer wish to succeed academically, but with each research paper, each test seems almost meaningless in the grand scheme of life. Or at least in the grand scheme of the here and now. Those seniors with “easy” classes have it good. The consequences aren’t severe. But for those overachieving seniors like myself, a small case of senioritis can mean sudden death.

   But where does it come from, and how does one get rid of their senioritis? Is it even possible? To answer the first question, no one quite knows where senioritis originated. It’s like the common cold, you can catch it with the slightest change in the wind. For many being admitted into the college of their choice could be that breeze. Being admitted means that all of your hard work over the course of high school has finally paid off. Senioritis is wanting a chance to relax before moving on to the next phase of life. This is a reasonable response, but sadly that’s what summer vacation is for.

   The more important question is how can you beat senioritis? YOU CAN’T! Just kidding, the answer is quite simple. Regain motivation. May that be self motivation or the accountability of friends. Start a study group, or just studying with a buddy. If you’re not social, you can always set a goal for yourself. It could be as simple as getting to school on time for a whole week. (Trust me, that is a problem for some people.) Or if you’re ambitious you try something like getting grades in the upper 90s for a six week period. The cure differs for everyone.