Favor vs. Uber Eats

Customers decide which delivery service is better

by Arie Shaver, Staff Writer

When it comes to the delivery fee, Uber Eats has prices that vary. Sometimes you can get the delivery fee as cheap as 49 cents or as expensive as $18 depending on how many couriers are working at the time and how far away your restaurant is. However, with Favor, the delivery fee can vary but it’s most likely to be the same for every restaurant. Moreover, deals and steals that you can find online and from the service itself gives Favor the upper hand since Uber Eats rarely has any deals. Despite this, Favor includes an additional service fee that raises the overall price.
Timewise, Uber Eats has Favor beat. When ordering with Favor, delivery services take up to an hour whereas Uber Eats has your order delivered to you within 20 minutes. When ordering lunch on a school day, Uber Eats is definitely the best way to go unless you want to miss lunch.
Favor no doubt has a better variety than Uber Eats. With almost any restaurant and a custom order inclusion, Favor definitely surpasses the limited amount of food places that Uber Eats offers. So, those of you who crave Chick-fil-a but just can’t get it on Uber Eats, never fear Favor is here.
When going through the delivery process, there is one thing about Favor that can be scary. Favor doesn’t show you your price until after you’ve ordered everything and all of the fees are included. So you can think that you’re only paying $10 but then your price comes back as $20. It is preferred to have the price ahead of time to be able to plan accordingly. Uber Eats encompasses this feature and with it, you can always be sure that you won’t be charged more than you budgeted. However, both services allow the order to be tracked and followed by the customer.
The Favor drivers definitely make the experience more fun making up for the long wait. They accommodate all of the many needs of the customer and are available to answer any questions through the delivery. Favor drivers also are more efficient with navigation. Uber Eats drivers tend to get lost very easily and when tracking the order they tend to mess up the times a lot giving the wrong impression and putting the customer in a bind.