Fields of Blue

Top five places to find bluebonnets

by Arie Shaver, Reporter

1. Brushy Creek Lake Park

Brushy Creek Lake Park, located in Williamson County, features a 38-acre lake full of ducks for children and family to feed and trails of bluebonnets. The park displays its bluebonnets through a walking trail. It’s a great place to get photos taken, especially if you’re looking to get bluebonnets in the background.

2. Mckinney Falls State Park

Mckinney Falls State Park in Austin has 726 acres of picnic areas, bicycle trails, hiking trails and an abundance of bluebonnets available for display for photoshoots and viewing. It’s a peaceful and relaxing part of the Hill Country.

3. Pace Bend Park

Known to be a popular camping area in Austin, Pace bend features an abundance of bluebonnet spots, limestone cliffs and views of the surrounding lakes. You can take pictures with the bluebonnets here, or simply enjoy a night camping or a picnic with your family and friends.

4. Turkey Bend

The Turkey Bend Recreation Area is another great place to find bluebonnets. The 1100 acres of fields and bluebonnets are great for a picnic or a night of camping and could potentially be the perfect spot for bluebonnet pictures or simply a relaxing day at the park.

5. Balcones District Park

At Balcones District Park, you can enjoy long trails of bluebonnets all while having a picnic, hiking, or enjoying some of the recreational activities. It’s also good for photoshoots and features a great scenic view.