Gifts for your Gal (or Boy)

Treat your partner to some of these gifts


by Sam Lopez, Staff Writer

Tis the season of giving and that means that the special someone in your life deserves something good from you. But getting a gift for your partner can be stressful because you just don’t know what they want. Here are some gift suggestions that you can give to your partner.

1.Super Smash Bros Ultimate: This game goes without needing an introduction. The fifth installment in one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises, this is a great purchase for your partner and can be fun for you too with its multiplayer features. Super Smash is available for the Nintendo Switch at $59.99 but you can find it on sale this holiday season.

2.Golf Wang Clothing: The clothing line by artist Tyler the Creator, is known for pricey but trendy apparel. Golf hoodies are good quality and are perfect to keep your partner warm during the cold season. Hoodies on the Golf website are sold for $90 but can be found on sale during the break.

3.Album Records and CDs; There’s always been something about records and CDs that hold nostalgia. The beautiful art of record covers encompass the time that they were made in, and it’s a great gift to share with your partner. Albums sell at the cover price and they can be purchased online or at local music stores.

4.Polaroid Cameras: Polaroids are a great way to capture the moment at any time. The camera prints out the image you took which you can treasure the moment forever. Polaroids are retailed at $50 just the camera and $90 for starter packs with film.

5.James Avery Jewelry: This may seem as an expensive gift, but James Avery has much affordable quality jewelry. Bracelets run from $40-$250 depending on the quality and necklaces are about $25-$150. James Avery has good quality jewelry at good prices that would be a great fit for your partner.