Last-minute Halloween costumes

Quick, easy ideas


by McKenzie Henningsen, Reporter

If you were invited to a last-minute Halloween party, or you decided to take your younger sibling trick-or-treating and don’t have a costume, don’t fret. I’ve got you covered. These are all costumes you can complete in under five minutes.


Bread Winner – All you need for this one is a medal and a loaf of bread.

Holy Guacamole – Take a green shirt and tape a brown circular piece of paper to look like an avocado. Grab a simple angel halo headband, and you’re good to go.

Formal Apology – Dress up in your nicest outfit, and tape a piece of paper with “I’m sorry” written on it, and you’ll be the most formal apology people will see all night. 

French Kiss – Although this may appeal to an older audience, if you paint your face like a member of KISS and wear a stiped shirt, you’ll get a good laugh out of everyone.

Pig in a blanket – This is the quickest costume out there. Grab some pink clothing, and draw a pig nose and put it on your own nose. Because it’ll be a chilly Halloween this year, the blanket is a perfect addition to keep warm.


Go for a classic:

The sheet ghost

A nerd -If you pull your pants up awkwardly too high, wear a button-up shirt and put on a pair of glasses with white tape in the middle, you’ve got the look.

Witch – If you wear all black, you’re halfway there. All that’s left is to top the look off with dark makeup and a witch hat.


Pop culture:

Stranger things – Pick any character: Hopper, Eleven, Joyce, Will, Robin, or anyone else. The most popular characters from this year’s season will likely be Robin and Steve in their Scoop’s Ahoy uniform, so go for those to have a crowd-pleasing look.

Men in Black – Grab a pair of black sunglasses and a traditional black suit, and the costume is complete.

Bird Box – All you need for this one is a blindfold. Seriously, that’s it.

Any character from the Office – Who doesn’t love the Office? If you dress in semi-formal clothing, just pick a character and go with it.

A Sim – All you need to do is create a plumbob to go above your head, which you can do by attaching a piece of paper to a headband. This one is simple, and everyone will love it.


Everybody has:

Frat Boy – All you need is a snapback, oversized button-down shirt and socks with sandals. 

E-boy or e-girl – Just wear all black, do funky makeup and paint your nails black. Talk about Tyler, the Creator a lot, and you’re vibe will be perfect.

Beanie Baby – Wear an animal print, and draw the classic TY tag, and you’re done.

A homeowner of House Hunters with a strange job – Just dress in whatever you want, add a name tag with a simple name, and tell everyone that you have an obscure job like butterfly 

A cowboy – Come on, I know you own boots or a hat. If not, you can always go to the Dollar Store and grab a bandana to tie around your neck.



Kiss – Similar to the one above, if you dress in all black and to the iconic black and white makeup look from the members, your look is done.

The Heathers – If you and two others wear all yellow, green and blue, you’re done. If you want to make the costume more interactive, then make a Tik Tok to one of the songs from the musical.

Peppa Pig family – This one is bound to get some laughs. Dress in all pink, wear a pig nose and oink a few times. If you speak with a British accent, you get extra points. 

At the very least, you can grab a white sheet and be a ghost. As Lady Gaga said when she wore the same outfit in 2014, “The sheet ghost is a classic.”