Restaurant review: 183 Nutrition

New local health-oriented shop opens in Leander


Megan Buton

183 Nutrition is a health-based drink shop located at1909 US-183, Leander, TX.

by Rachel Oliver, Editor in Chief

Before walking into work after school, it’s become routine for me to grab a quick tea, coffee or protein shake from the drink shop next door. Although it’s only been open for a couple of weeks now, 183 Nutrition has quickly become my favorite spot to grab something to drink.  Located in a rinky-dink shopping center at 1909 US-183, 183 Nutrition offers a wide variety of energizing teas and meal-replacement protein shakes.

When I first entered the store, I was taken aback by how nice it was. Compared to the surrounding environment of vape and hip flask shops, the clean, trendy interior was a pleasant surprise. The store has an airy, west coast vibe with an Instagram-worthy aesthetic, complete with marble countertops and huge chairs, perfect for taking pictures in. I work next door to the shop, and for months before it opened I saw the owners renovating the store themselves. Building a drink bar, painting the walls, everything. Knowing how much work they put into the store makes it just that much better.

Every time I visit, the owner, and one of the only workers, asks me how my day was, how has work been, or how did my math test go that I had been stressing about. That personal connection she strives to make with each and every one of her customers keeps me coming back day after day, week after week. 

My first time there she told me all about the menu. and about the wide selection of teas with fun flavors from gummy bear to lavender lemonade, and how they’re designed to energize and refresh. And trust me, they do. After drinking one of her teas it seriously felt like I had just drunk a RedBull, but she claims that it’s all natural energy and that they even have other vitamins and antioxidants that have all sorts of benefits. They also have over 80 different protein shakes with all sorts of flavors like ice cream sandwich, chocolate chip cookie dough or “marshmallow treat”. Even though they sound like they’re full of sugar, she promises that they don’t have any, and instead they have all the macro and micro proteins that you need. In addition, they serve as a meal replacement, which means that when I’m heading into work from school and I need something to eat, a quick (and yummy!) protein shake is perfect.

I know that all of this sounds too good to be true, and that’s because it is. It all comes with a price. And in this situation, it’s a hefty one. For one drink, I pay around $8, and that’s for a regular size. For a large, I pay around $10. However, customers are meant to buy both a tea and shake for $12 because the effects are meant to complement and equal each other out. But the good thing is that there’s a punch card system where with every 10 shake-tea combos you buy, you get a free shake. So, I guess that helps a little bit. But I do think the price is justified with the quality of the drinks and the benefits they include. I like knowing that I’m not paying for a Starbucks tea loaded with artificial sweetener, instead, I know that I’m paying for something that is actually good for my body, as well as helping out a local business.

With everything considered, their fun drinks, beautiful store and customer-oriented service, they gain a 5/5 in my book. To me, the only downside to 183 Nutrition is their price, however, with all of the pros, this con is easy to overlook. In the end, their creative menu and delicious drinks have quickly found a place in my heart, and it’s sure to find a place in many others.