Clothing Store Review: Fairy Godmother

Turning high schoolers into princesses


Krstna via Flickr CC

Emcee of Miss Texas United States, Priscilla Fletcher, with the owner of Austin Fairy Godmother.

by Gigi Allen, Staff Writer

Overall rating: 4 out 5 glass slippers

Prom was the event this weekend and every turn and flutter of a dress bought on the high pitched cries, outstretched grasping hands, and “Oh my god you look so gorgeous! I Love that dress!”

Yes, I must have said and been the recipient of this phrase about a million times before finally making my way onto the dance floor. Wearing an amazing dress will do that to a girl, and Fairy Godmother was the amazing store where I found my dress.

I came to my rating based on factors every (normal broke highschool) girl seems to care about. How much does it cost? How many dresses in my size are there? Can I get other things, shoes and jewelry? Are the people nice fairy godmothers or evil step sisters? Can I have a good time to mirror all those teen-movie-trying-on-clothes-say-yes-to-the-dress-montages I have been picturing since I was little? Well let me tell you all the juicy details.

Price: 5 out of 5 glass slippers

I got the prom package for $60 dollars, this included my perfect dress, my jewelry, shoes, hair accessories, and coupons for hair and makeup. I found this price range amazing since that meant I was getting a hundred something dollar dress for about half of the price. My bank account with only change inside was very happy and so was my mother.

Dress options: 4 out of 5 glass slippers

There were many, many dresses to choose from but not a lot of my specific size. Small in some places (cough cough, height), but big in others (cough cough, hips). But they also offer tailoring, yes you can rent this dresses and have them tailored. Just no glue or tape. Only professional tailoring.

Shoe/Jewelry: 4 out of 5 glass slippers

Now my jewelry hunt turned out amazingly! I found themed jewelry that worked with my dress and hair idea. The options were plenty and beautiful. Shoes on the other hand was a different story book all together. I am a size 8, but I felt like an ugly stepsister size ten trying to jam my foot in those tiny glass heels. No size would fit. They had a lot of great options, but if you have big feet, you might cut off your heel or big toe trying to get them in those pumps.

Staff: 4 out of 5 glass slippers

The staff was lovely, and I truly believe they are fairy godmothers. They help you zip up and watch you work the runway in your gown, giving you their expert opinions. They truly want you to have a magical evening. My only small complaint was when I went there with my friends, my male friend was not treated very prince like. They put him in the ‘man cave’ and the store has a rule saying that no men can be out amongst the dresses alone or can pick one out for you.

Experience: 3 out of 5 glass slippers

My experience was amazing when I went a second time with my mother… until I found a shard of cinderella’s glass slipper in my foot. A little piece of mystery glass that the employees and owner swore had been tred in by the landlord. The ladies were very nice, getting a first aid kit since with my misfortune I had nicked myself perfectly for maximum damage, but they seemed more concerned about getting my foot away from the dress I had on then the fact I was bleeding intensely. Bad shopping day. I went away with my perfect dress that day and a hello kitty band aid to always remind me of 2016 prom.


In conclusion, yes you should give this place a try. Go with your only girlfriends and protective footwear sure, but the dresses here are magical. A beautiful, affordable place to find that perfect dress.