Bedtime Stories

v  By Kaitlin Hutson

   Behind Marley and Me, and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Bedtime Stories is currently ranked third in the box office with a weekly total of $23,592,144, and a total gross of $88,629,973.

   In Bedtime Stories, Adam Sandler plays a hotel handyman, when not fixing TV sets, who is bullied by the hotel manager. Home life is even more troublesome than ever when his sister asks him to look after her two young children for a week, sharing responsibilities with her best friend. He soon learns the best way to entertain the children is by telling bedtime stories, which start to come true in real life.

   If you are eight years old and/or have never seen an Adam Sandler movie, then you will find the adorable, goofiness that everyone loves in any family movie.

   If you have seen some of his movies before then you’ll probably start to wonder why he keeps playing the same role of the fun, kooky guy over and over again. Sure, he’s played a few serious roles, but, of course, we all know that he is meant for the world of comedy.  

   It may not be perfection and Sandler may be phoning- in, but as far as the “enjoyable family movies “come, its pure fun.