Best of Social Media Review: Twitter

Best of Social Media Review: Twitter

by Caroline Cravens , Staff Writer

Social media is huge in our world today, but which site is the biggest? Which one is the best? Some of that is up to the user, but personally I prefer to use a couple of different social media sites.

Tweeting is a little different at first, but after a while it’s pretty simple to use. The key is just getting the hang of it. Just a few tips: if you want someone specific to see your tweet, you have to use the @ sign and their username. Hashtags (this sign #) are for catching the attention of non-followers.

For example, if in my tweet I put #yolo, people can search #yolo, and all tweets including #yolo will come up, including mine.

“Sub-tweeting” is when a person tweets about someone without saying exactly who it is.

The site that I use most often is Twitter. Most people our age have a Twitter account. Twitter is extremely popular for high school students, and we use it frequently. A lot of high school students have a Facebook, but quite a few have more active accounts on Twitter. So if you’re looking to keep up with the latest high school drama, Twitter’s your best bet.
I have to say the down-side of Twitter is the word limit. The character limit on Twitter is 140, which, isn’t really all that much. Tweets are typically very short and brief.
Like I said earlier, I prefer using several social media sites instead of just one, so over the next few weeks I’ll be reviewing more social media sites. Don’t forget to follow The Roar @lHSROAR!