Book Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth


by Siandhara Bonnet, Staff Writer

Beatrice ‘Tris’ Prior is the sixteen year old protagonist. She comes from the Abnegation, one of the five factors that focuses on selflessness, but she feels she isn’t good enough for her faction, and desires something more. Tobias ‘Four’ Eaton is an eighteen year old that is a faction transfer trainer. He’s mysterious and seems harsh, but really he has Beatrice’s best interests at heart.

There’s a city with five factions, or groups, each with a different focus. Abnegation focuses on selflessness, Amity on peace, Candor on honesty, Dauntless on bravery, and Erudite on knowledge. At school, all the sixteen year olds take an aptitude test to see which faction they belong in, but something is different about Beatrice: she gets results that have never been seen before and is considered dangerous.  Fortunately for Beatrice, her test supervisor deletes the results and puts them in manually. The rest of the story revolves around Beatrice’s choice and her initiation process to be considered a member of the faction she’s chosen.

Veronica Roth has also written Insurgent, the second book in the trilogy, and is currently working on Convergent, the third, which will be released October 22, 2013.

The book was absolutely amazing. It was well written with a clear, developing plot. The characters are detailed and what’s happening in the story feels as real as it is to those characters. There are characters that you love to hate, and characters that you will absolutely connect with. There weren’t any weak areas of the book, so it’s enjoyable from the beginning.

Divergent can be purchased from Amazon (Kindle available), Barnes and Noble (Nook available), Half-Price Books, Walmart, Complete Book and Media Inc., and Book People. The price ranges from $4.99 used to $29.00 as a collectible.

The book is angled toward teenagers, although young adults and adults would enjoy it.

Out of five stars, this book definitely deserves a five.

A short passage from Divergent:

   “I stare into my own eyes for a moment. Today is the day of the aptitude test that will show me which of the five factions I belong in. And tomorrow, at the Choosing Ceremony, I will decide on a faction; I will decide the rest of my life; I will decide to stay with my family or abandon them.”