Chipotle: Home of the life changing burrito


Austin Graham

Chipotle logo on the restaurant’s glass door.

by Austin Graham, Staff Writer

With burritos bigger than a human stomach and tacos beyond comprehension of taste buds, Chipotle is a service line Mexican grill which began in Denver, Colorado in 1993 and now has over 1600 locations.

Chipotle works like this: the customer walks up to the first server and can choose from a burrito, taco, bowl or salad. Then the customer chooses a rice, bean type and meat. After that the item is passed down to the next server who will put on ingredients/toppings to the customers pleasure(some ingredients such as guacamole are extra.) Now the masterpiece is finished and ready to be eaten by the customer.

Chipotle is known most for their burritos. Each bite of the burrito leaves you begging for another. The mix of flavors in the fresh ingredients is almost perfection. The craze on social media of this restaurant like #chipotlegang or the infamous Chiptole boy vine is well lived up to. It is a good restaurant to go “meat” up with friends at or just run by and get a burrito to go.

The burritos taste great, the service is very on point and attentive. The restaurants commonly have good designs with a comfortable setting to eat in. The staff is willing to help  choose what to put on a burrito or taco or help the customer with what they need. With all this combined, what else could someone ask for from a restaurant!

Living in Texas there are practically Tex-Mex/Mexican restaurants everywhere, and most are good but this one is amazing. On a 5 star scale it is a 4.2 considering the food quality/taste, service, and cost. The best way to describe Chipotle is a Taco Bell on steroids and is highly recommended to try at least once.