Dear John

By Shelly Voss

   The country’s population of love-struck teenage girls had been counting the days until the premiere of Nicholas Sparks’ best seller-turned-movie when it opened February 5th. Starring Channing Tatum (Step Up) and Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia), this love story sends the audience out of the theatre ardently inspired to always “love the one you’re with.”

   Starting on the beaches of North Carolina, one is immediately captured by the spring break fling that turns into what one assumes will be a lifelong love. The devoted innocence of the young soldier and conservative college girl endears the couple to viewers’ hearts.

   When the fateful letter arrives, hearts are broken along with John and sniffles are heard throughout the theatre. Ultimately, despite 45 minutes of heartache (as is Sparks’ signature), the film ends on a hopeful note that makes the time of bewilderment worth the $8 matinee.

   With talented performers, effective cameramen, a gorgeous setting (North Carolina)and captivating plot, Dear John earns it’s still growing profit $675 million. The writing talent of Nicholas Sparks has once again provided the material for an unforgettable film.