Entertainment review: House of Torment

Haunted house gains national popularity

by Kyle Gehman, Editor-In-Chief

The House of Torment is a popular Halloween activity here in Austin that has begun to grow in popularity and fame around the nation due to it’s scary monsters and haunted houses. The haunted house through it’s intense costuming and great design earns a 3/5.

Recently, House of Torment was voted the #1 Haunted House in the nation; with this and increasingly more people attending each year, the location was moved to a 40,000 square foot space. However, this also means that tickets have increased to $20.There are three houses, each with a different theme of terror. Outside of the houses is space to take pictures with characters and unique backdrops.

Overall the experience was good. The actors were amazing at what they do and really portraying their characters. The makeup is also incredible. All the monsters and people look very real. The houses are really creative with their different themes and the architecture of the rooms to prevent you from seeing the monsters.

All throughout the houses you’re afraid because there are monsters walking around that will try to scare you by whispering in your ear, breathing on your neck, yelling at you and laughing creepily. They also make sure you’re kept in your group, which is fun because you can experience it with people you know instead of being surrounded by random strangers.

The fast passes that are sold are nice because you skip almost the entire line. which are very large. A downside to this is that you get rushed through it all and don’t get to build up to what will be inside. Also, the monsters don’t walk through the fastpass lines trying to freak you out like they do for general admission. Another downside is that the large space they have in the houses isn’t fully utilized. There are lots of areas that you just walk through instead of being constantly attacked and frightened. Most of the scares are more jump scares or just yelling and jumping around with strobe lights that you can just rush through instead of more slow situational scares.

Despite some of these negatives, it’s a great experience to go to with a group of friends. I would definitely recommend House of Torment to anybody willing to be scared for a night.