Entertainment Review: TopGolf

Driving range grows in popularity

by Kyle Gehman, Assistant Editor

TopGolf is a golfing entertainment complex located around the world with the nearest one being situated in the Domain. As well as tee off spots, they also have pool, a bar and a delicious menu. TopGolf receives a 4 out of 5.

TopGolf was invented by two English brothers who wanted to make driving ranges more fun. They created a way to have the balls tracked so people can see how far, fast and where they went. Now they’re idea has spread all across the U.S and is one of the most popular entertainment spots for some students.

There are three floors of bays, or tee off spots, for people to play. Each bay can be used by six people at most. Prices range from $20-40 depending on the day of the week and the time. From the bays, there are tall nets to both left and right as well as in the far back to keep the balls in the range. There is also “holes” that are large circles of nets with different colors. Each color gains the player a certain amount of points depending on how far the group of nets are hit and how close to the center the ball lands. They also have left handed clubs for people who need them. There are seven game modes to play with a membership card. The games consist of hitting targets, measuring distance, chipping and more.

The games are very enjoyable and a great way to be competitive as well as have a good time. It’s easy for people who don’t play golf to also have fun because of the different game modes and it’s not a very serious atmosphere compared to a real driving range. Having the balls tracked with microchips is also a really neat feature that isn’t really anywhere else.

The place itself is laid out really nice and it’s great that they have other games to play while waiting to get a bay. The staff is really nice, helpful and good at making sure people play as soon as they can. One of the special parts of the experience is the food they have available. They have delicious appetizers like calamari, meals such as the brisket grilled cheese and desserts including donut holes that can be injected with chocolate, Bavarian cream of raspberry jelly.

The negatives to TopGolf is that to play most of the games and to have them score you, you need a membership card, which only cost $5 dollars, but it can be annoying for players who don’t own one. Also, it’s very busy, especially at night and waits can be up up to two hours at times. However, despite these minor negatives, TopGolf is a great place to have fun with or without previous golfing experiences and is definitely recommended to try.