‘Galavant’ series ends season with cliffhanger



Galavant promotion poster

by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

As a high school student, keeping up with popular television shows is not my highest priority, but when I do have time for them, I enjoy it. The show that I have just finished getting caught up on is the new comedic fairytale-style musical series Galavant.

Galavant is about a hero, Galavant (played by Joshua Sasse), who becomes less heroic and pitiful after a king steals and weds his girlfriend who, the audience discovers throughout the series, is not the nicest person in the world. After plotting, the king comes up with a plan to lure Galavant to the castle to kill him with the aid of a beautiful princess who’s kingdom he took over. The princess tricks Galavant into helping her reclaim her kingdom and the adventure begins.

The show is very different as, mentioned before, it is a musical, but unlike other musical shows such as Glee, Galavant retains a plot that has left the audience with a season cliffhanger: Galavant is being shipped away in order to save the lives of his friends, but he is stuck with the unlikely company of some royalty. Plans have not been solidified for a season two, but viewers are strongly recommending that this series continues, especially with so much left unknown: will Galavant return to save his friends, will Galavant’s ex-girlfriend completely take over, and will the princess ever reclaim her kingdom?

As plain as it sounds, the show is actually enjoyable. The talent displayed through not only acting but vocals as well is pretty great, but not the best I have ever seen. However, the actors harmonize and work so well together that it doesn’t block from the enjoyment since it’s mainly watched for the comedy. The sets are fantastic, and the music is just as great.

I would definitely recommend watching this is ever given the chance, but go past the pilot and the second episode. Go to at least the third and then decide. This show is a little quirky at first, but it definitely gets better with time.

Out of five, I give this show a 4.75.

Galavant was created by Dan Fogelman and began in 2015.