Gaming App Review: Smashy Road: Wanted

Game generates lots of attention


Kyle Gehman

Senior Jack Densmore playing Smashy Road: Wanted with the F1 car. The F1 car is the second most bought car on the game.

by Kyle Gehman, Staff Writer

After only having been released for about a month, the game designed by RK Games Studio, is the number one most downloaded free app in the App Store. RK Games Studio has developed 12 apps that are all rated above 3 stars, but Smashy Road: Wanted is easily the best game they have ever created. I give Smashy Road: Wanted 3 out of 5 stars.

The game is free and easy to download. In the game the objective is to evade the different vehicles like police cars, tanks and SWAT trucks for as long as possible, while also trying to collect the cash along the way. The first car is the Pickup Truck which is free and along the way gamers can collect 29 other cars such as the Drag Racer, Money Man and the Hovercraft by spinning the slot machine for 100 in virtual cash to receive a common, epic, rare or legendary cars. The setting of the chases are either in the desert a city or the grasslands. After reaching a certain amount of points the level of difficulty is raised from being chased by police cars at one star difficulty to having tanks shooting at the car at six stars. When stopped by the police, ‘busted’, or when the car doesn’t work anymore, ‘wasted’, the round is over and the game will go back to the beginning.

The thing I like about this game is that it is really addicting to play. Being able to have different cars that can do different things like run cars or blockades over or go extremely fast are great ways to spice up the game. Also, trying different ways to play the game like avoiding the cops with certain tactics or trying to collect all the cash you see is very fun. Another reason I enjoy this game is the excitement of trying to collect new cars and then being able to switch back to all the cars you have. I also enjoy being able to save up your cash to spin the slot machine to see what kind of car you will get.

The reason I don’t give this game more than three stars is that they don’t explain the game very well in the beginning so people have to try and figure out how to play themselves. Also, while I love the idea of the game I think there isn’t enough diversity. There is only one game mode to play and the only choice players can have within the game is what kind of vehicle they want to use. Sometimes the game won’t load or during the game it will kick people off which has been mentioned in reviews in the Appstore.

Overall this game is very fun to play and I would definitely recommend it to people who don’t already have Smashy Road: Wanted.

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