He’s Just Not That Into You

v  By Kaitlin Hutson

   He’s Just Not That into You storms through the box office bringing a total of $27,785,487 opening weekend. It is the romantic comedy of our generation with a whole lot of truth, fun and excitement.

  Mainly, the movie is about how girls, at a young age, are “programmed” to think that if a guy is mean to you, he likes you. For instance, if he’s not calling at least a couple days after a date; he might have had something come up and can’t get a hold of you. This insane, crazy ride of one woman, Jennifer Goodwin, who constantly looks at her phone and checks her messages, comes to a stop when she is helped by her new friend, Justin Long to realize that he may just not be that into you.

   He’s Just Not That into You, like any romantic comedy, brings a smile to every girl’s face. Especially when it comes down to it, this movie talks about almost every situation possible that women go through to find that one special guy.

    One scenario talks about one woman who communicates to a guy online, through email or her blackberry. As the story goes on, she is guided by her friends and learns the “old” way of meeting someone new.

   Another scenario in the movie explains the horrible damage adultery does in a marriage. Jennifer Connelly, as the wife, and Scarlet Johansson, as the mistress, both realize that they deserve better than to be with the hardworking lawyer, Bradley Cooper. Usually all put together even when she’s meant to be falling apart, Connelly cuts loose and gets very dark as her character, Janine, when she realizes that her husband is not who he says he is. When being fun, outgoing, and loves to have a good time, Johansson, has an epiphany that she can do better than help Cooper commit adultery.

   He’s Just Not That into You brings everything that a woman does wrong in a relationship, or even when meeting someone new and puts it all together in one fantastic movie for women of any age.