Holiday Treat Review: Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bar


by Caroline Cravens , Staff Writer

Starbucks is famous for its delicious drinks, but the food at Starbucks is pretty top notch too. Around the holidays Starbucks has a special treat, the cranberry bliss bar. It’s a unique little treat made of a vanilla cake base, scrumptious cream cheese icing, some dried cranberries, and white orange icing drizzled on top.
This treat is not too sweet, but it’s fairly tart with just the right balance of cream cheese icing and dried cranberries. The cranberry bliss bar is a perfect snack all by itself, but Starbucks does have some pretty great drinks so it could be paired with a hot chocolate or a simple un-flavored coffee. There’s a lot of flavor in this tiny bar so only one triangle piece is filling.
Each individual cranberry bliss bar is $2.50 or a tray of 6 triangle pieces it’s $14. Check out the Starbucks website for nutrition facts and more ingredients:

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