Ice cream parlor review: Andy’s

New custard shop opens in Cedar Park


Austin Graham

A poster displaying the opening of the parlor. This particular Andy’s opened on September 21.

by Austin Graham, Assistant Editor

A new place to get frozen treats by the name of Andy’s Frozen Custard has opened up a new location in Cedar Park off of N Bell Blvd. They offer a variety of custards with many topping choices. The service is good and quick and the custard is quality also offering a drive-thru option.The shop earns itself a 4.2/5.

The concretes are delicious, especially the Boot Daddy, which is vanilla custard blended with Oreo, caramel and fudge, and the Triple Chocolate Concrete. The menu is broken up into four sections; concretes, splits, malts & more and sundaes. All of their ice cream is based off vanilla and chocolate custard, with added toppings or flavoring. Customers have the option of getting custom concretes with their choice of a very long list of toppings.

The style of the building is fantastic. It has a very retro feel to it with sharp edges in the architecture, a red and white aesthetic to the building and a giant ice cream cone hanging from the ceiling. A big downside is that there is no inside seating, which is sad during the summer when it’s 90 degrees outside and customers have to eat their melting ice cream on a bench outside. However, they do have misting fans for those that sit.

The service is quality and nice, with employees greeting customers with smiles and cheery voices. The speed is outstanding. Customers will receive their orders usually in under a minute. The only negative to this is that sometimes it is too fast, and the concrete doesn’t get fully blended and the entire bottom is vanilla custard with no toppings or syrup with it.

The prices are also very reasonable, considering that the place’s only income is their frozen custard. This is a definite must for Cedar Park residents who are fond of cold deserts.