Kick-A** Review

Kick-A** is a super hero movie based off of the comic books written by Mark Millar, that not only lives up to its name but surpasses everything I expected about the movie. From the previews and commercials Kick-a** seems like another rated R movie aimed to attract teens and young adults such as “Superbad”, but  once the movie begins the audience realizes that this is not the case.

Right away the film pulls the audience with a man dressed in a superheroes costume, standing proudly over the edge of a forty story building looking triumphantly at the people below him who stare back at him in total awe The man then opens what seem to be homemade wings from a compartment attached to the back of his costume and fearlessly jumps off the building. The crowd cheers and applauds his heroic efforts. The scene is heroic and victorious music plays as the man glides through the air, straight down into a car ending the heroes five seconds of fame.

  The movie is casted brilliantly with many, young new actors who prove they will have a long future in the movie business, such as thirteen year-old Chloe Moretz (Hit Girl), who plays one of the most interesting and deep characters I’ve seen on film in a long time.

With a script worthy as such movies as Spider-Man and The Dark knight, and a cast including Nicholas Cage’s best performance in years, Kick-a** has everything in place to become a cult classic for the new decade.

                                                                                                         By Cody Zivley