Melting Pot: a dining experience

v  By Evia Zack

   One wouldn’t think that a pot of melted cheese could be a meal, but the Melting Pot has taken this idea and created an amazing restaurant. From six different cheese appetizers to an even wider selection of chocolate fondues for dessert, the Melting Pot is the perfect place to celebrate any occasion.

   As soon as the doors are opened, you are enveloped in a welcoming atmosphere. “It has fabulous food, and the atmosphere lends itself really well to fun conversation,” Linda Major, teacher, said. “It’s great for a group, or for a very intimate dinner.” The romantic lighting and the soft hum of conversation makes it a very relaxing place to eat any meal.

   The atmosphere is enough to make you want to stay for a while, but the food is the reason you’ll never want to leave. There are four total courses – a cheese fondue, a salad, an entree, and finally, a chocolate fondue. “The variety of choices makes it possible to get that perfect solution for any craving,” Alyssa Bickford, senior, said.

   For the appetizer, there are six different cheeses to choose from. From the hardy Boston Lager Cheddar, to the spicy Fiesta Cheese, to the subtle Spinach Artichoke Cheese, you never run out of delicious choices. Different breads, fresh vegetables, and apples are provided for dipping.

   After the cheese course, a salad is offered to tide you over until the main course. There are twelve different entrées, including several sea food dishes, some with filet mignon, a simple chicken dish, and a vegetarian platter. There are also four cooking styles to choose from, from a Caribbean citrus broth to a European oil for frying.

   Finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for – the chocolate fondue dessert. A lovely plate filled with cheesecake, brownies, strawberries, and numerous other fruits is provided for dipping in a silky melted chocolate of your choosing. If the chocolate is listed on the menu as “flambéed tableside”, you get a fireworks show along with your dessert, as sugar water is set on fire and caramelized right before your very eyes. Kat Schober, sophomore, and Aaron Labrie, junior, only had one thing to say – “It’s delicious!”

  One would think that you would never get full on such tiny courses. However, by the end of the meal, you’ll feel like you can never eat again. “When you first start eating, you don’t think there will be enough food,” Bickford said. “But by the middle of the main course, you’re in shock of how full you already are.”

   One of the few downsides of the restaurant is the cost. It is by no means a casual dining experience, and you pay for this.  Pre-designed meals for two can cost around $80, and choosing a different cheese or dessert can send the price skyrocketing. “From what I can remember, ‘The Works’, appetizer to dessert, was forty to fifty dollars a person,” Major said, “but it was very much worth it.”

   There are, however, specials to cut the cost. Monday is the designated Ladies Night Out, with specially designed meals at half price. Sunday is Armed Forces Appreciated, where anyone in uniform can bring in their ID and receive a 20 percent discount.

   Although the prices are steep, the food and service makes it worth every penny. As a high school student, it may be a little high for your price range, but for special occasions, it can’t be beat.