Movie Review: Identity Thief

by Makenna Williams

In the comedy “Identity Thief,” Jason Bateman plays a hard working husband and father named Sandy Bigelow Patterson, whose identity is stolen by who you think would be an innocent woman Melissa McCarthy. When Sandy Patterson gains knowledge of his identity thief, he decides to take a trip to the Sunshine State to retrieve McCarthy’s character in order to keep his job.

Overall, the story line is bittersweet. Surprises come out of nowhere and it ends with a bit of a twist. Although the movie was funny, I was expecting more out of the story line. The movie trailer shows great parts in the movie that make it seem funnier than it really is. It also serves as a bit of a tear jerker at some parts, and can hit a soft spot.

Because “Identity Thief” is rated R I wouldn’t recommend it as a family movie due to language and vulgarity, but would serve as a great movie for a date night.

Overall rating: FOUR STARS