Music Review: Tonight We Live


The cover of Tonight We Live’s EP, Forget The Last Year.

by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

Tonight We Live, an Irish rock band, formed in 2011.  Members include Stephen Youster – Vocals/Guitar, Conor Fenlon – Guitar/Backing Vocals, David Youster – Bass, and Mikey Aldridge – Drums.

“The band formed after Steve and David put an ad online looking for a drummer and I answered it,” Aldridge said. “Then shortly after I called Conor to come jam and it all clicked. We were all in bands before but wanted to take it seriously.”

I was first introduced to the band by their vocalist, Stephen Youster, following me on Twitter. As a curious teenager, I looked into the person I had never heard of who was now following me, my 80th follower. As it turned out, he was the vocalist and guitarist for Tonight We Live. In his bio, he had a link to the band’s website, On the site, there are four songs from the band’s EP, or extended play, Forget the Last Year.

“Steve really knows how to capture something in such a personal way to him but in a way that we can all relate to,” Aldridge said.

There is also their single, All That I’m Not. I gave them a listen and I immediately fell in love with the music. Not only can listeners relate to the lyrics, but the sound is simply amazing. All of the instruments come together in perfect rock harmony.

“Life in general is huge inspiration,” Aldridge said. “Lyrically we write about what we go through and what we know. Musically we are influenced by everything from the heaviest to the lightest stuff.”

I currently do not have a favorite song from the band simply because it’s all quite excellent making it very hard to choose. If I had to choose, however, it would be a tie between Spirits and Sob Stories and Forget The Last Year. Spirits and Sob Stories starts out slowly, but picks up in tempo. It begins with a quiet instrument and vocals that stand out. In comparison, Forget The Last Year is quick from the start and remains that way through the majority of the song. It starts purely instrumental and then the vocals smooth in.

“They are very much viewpoints on life,” Aldridge said. “Spirits is a view and a feeling Steve and all of us have on certain parts of growing up.”

The music is appropriate for all ages, but angled toward “anybody who likes honest, genuine rock music.” I greatly recommend them. On a five-point scale, I give the band and the music a perfect five. The songs are available for free download on the band’s website mentioned above.