Rave Reviews for NBC’s New Show “Revolution”

Rave Reviews for NBCs New Show Revolution

by Kaylee Cisna, Staff Writer

NBC’s new show, Revolution, airs every Monday night. Starring Tracy Spiriakos as Charlotte “Charlie” Matheson, Danny’s protective sister, Graham Rogers as Danny Matheson, Billy Burke as Miles Matheson, and Anna Lise Phillips as Maggie. 
The series began on September 17th.
It all begins when the electricity goes out all around the world, when they have to resort back to an older era where they do everything from growing their own crops to chopping lumber to build their own houses.
When Danny Matheson is taken from the Militia, his sister, Charlie, is out to get him back. But first she has to get ahold of her uncle, Miles, because he knows the secrets behind why the Militia would want to take Danny. In the September 24th episode, after Charlie is able to find Miles, in order to rescue Danny, they know that they need help. They go in the look out for an old friend, Nora, who happens to be a rebel fighter battling against the Militia.
This is a really suspenesful show and you never know what will happen next. My favorite character would be Charlie because she is very protective over her brother and is determained to get him back, with or without help. I’m really looking foward to the next couple of episodes because I  feel like the group (Charlie, Miles, Maggie, ect.) will run into trouble along the way and will probably get themselves in a sticky situation.
Check out NBC next week to learn more details about what’s going on with Charlie and her uncle to see if they possable know where the Milita has taken her brother, Danny. Also, if you haven’t seen the first few episodes, you can to to www.nbc.com/revolution/  to catch up and see what all the talks about.