By Alexandria Ceballos

Nightshade is the first book in a international bestselling series by Andrea Creamer. The book takes place in Vail, Colorado and focuses on Calla Tor, a girl who can change into a wolf. Born to be a warrior, Calla always believed that it was her destiny to be the mate of fellow alpha Ren and that their union would mark the beginning of a new pack.

But things began to change when fate interferes. Calla secretly disobeys her masters (who are powerful witches) by saving the life of a human boy. Calla realizes that the boy holds the key to the secrets of her world and she begins to question her own destiny.

Nightshade is a thrilling read. It introduces a whole new world of fantasy where people can change into wolves at will but must also serve a group of cruel witches.  Nightshade has more to offer than the traditional werewolf novel.  Creamer brings in both magic and early modern history as she creates a love triangle between the three main characters. I highly recommend this book and suggest keeping an eye out for its sequel Wolfsbane .