Oceano – Contagion (2010) Review

  Oceano dominates the top once again with ear-splitting fury, as sophomore album Contagion raises from the depths. Forming in 2006 and undergoing many major line-up changes, Oceano keeps it up at disgusting rates. Following the surprising release of Depths, one can say Contagion is more of a follow-up; more of Depths 2.0.

  Many claim that this new release has close to nothing new to offer, but I beg to differ. Adam “Black Bear” Warren has progressed insanely over the last four years; cleaning up his vocals, reaching new levels of fury, all while maintaining the anger they are known for. Deemed “the heaviest, most [angry] band on the planet,” Oceano definitely lives up to the hype. Many believe the drummer, Daniel Terchin, is one of the fastest and heaviest, a great addition to the line-up. Some even reach the claim that the drumming is strictly computer-generated, arguing that the technicality of Terchin is not possible.

  “Quarantine” is a good track to start out with, as it highlights each quality of what Oceano delivers. From the technicality and insane riffs to the speed and deliverance, I’d have to say this is my favorite track off of this album. The breakdowns are well-placed, as they never just drag on leaving you thinking when it will all end, as many deathcore bands seem to do. There are no space-fillers included, just one mass of metal.

  I recommend starting out with Oceano’s Depths, and move on to Contagion for most enjoyment. Relax and get metal; these guys put on one of the best shows I’ve been to. You won’t get bored after one listen; this is an exceptionally good deathcore album I can play constantly. Unlike other cookie-cutter “core” bands, Oceano are considered one of the leading and most influential in the genre. I’d love to see what these guys can produce next, while anticipating seeing a show with this new material.