Peep Peep Don’t Eat Me

Fun and creative things to do with peeps


Caroline Cravens

Collage of Peeps

by Caroline Cravens, Staff Writer

Peeps: colorful marshmallow bunnies and chicks coated in sugar crystals. Not only are peeps edible, but they can be a decent amount of fun too. There are lots of different things peeps are good for: crafts, entertainment, and well, of course, eating them.

I tested a couple of different ideas of things to do with peeps: roasted peeps, chocolate coated peeps, peeps s’mores, and a couple other cutesy peep recipes.

The first thing I had really wanted to try was either blowing a peep up in the microwave or roasting it over a fire. I went with the less messy option and decided to roast the peep over a fire. The fire had a neat effect on the peep because it burned the sugar. The sugar became a thin, crispy layer around the gooey marshmallow. Although that sounds delicious, it was definitely a little too sweet  for me.

On Pinterest there are all sorts of adorable little edible nests people make for peeps. Well if you’re like me and don’t have any fancy ingredients at your house for some of those  nests, you can make a simple nest out of graham-crackers.  All I did was take a cupcake wrapper, add graham-cracker sticks (graham-cracker cut into thin rectangles), and place the peep on top. It’s an easy snack to make, and it’s not overly sweet.

Another great thing to do with peeps and graham-crackers is make a peeps s’more. This one is honestly more fun to make than eat. It’s a traditional s’more but with a peep instead of a marshmallow. The best part of this gooey-sticky treat is watching the peep puff up in the microwave. If you only try one thing with a peep, it should definitely be popping one in the microwave.

There are two ways you can coat a peep with chocolate: half of the peep or all of the peep. Personally, I prefer to only coat half. Melt a bowl of your favorite type of chocolate, grab a spoon, dip the peep into the chocolate then use your spoon to get chocolate all around the bottom half of the peep. Once you’ve done this, take some sprinkles and shake them on top of the chocolate. Or there’s usually some fallen sugar in the bottom of the box that the peeps came in that you could use as sprinkles. I really liked this idea because it was fairly quick and it looked cute, but not over the top cute.

When I coated the entire peep with chocolate it was a mess. I stuck the peep on a stick so it’d be a “peeps pop” and then dunked it in the chocolate. The peep came off the stick into the chocolate and I had to fish it out with a spoon. When I had finished, it didn’t even look like a peep anymore. Like the roasted peep, the “peep pop” was too sweet to eat.

The last thing I made was a peep on a rice crispy treat. I’m somewhat cooking challenged so I didn’t make the rice crispy treat myself, but rather stuck four mini rice crispy treats together with some chocolate coating. Then I stuck the peep on top along with some pretty, brightly colored sprinkles. It’s very cute, but honestly it’s a little much. A treat like that would work only for springtime parties.

Of course there are lots of other things to do with peeps, but those are just a few. Peeps are great for crafts, but I would advice not using hot glue as the sugar would burn.