Sherlock Holmes

By Lauren Smith

   As the Christmas Eve flurries of snow brought us a chill, Christmas Day opened the door to a new sort of a chill; a chill to the bone; a chill delivered to us in the form of “Sherlock Holmes,” a movie that combines pseudo-supernatural elements, sharp humor, and of course, a mystery to be solved.

   In the aftermath of his Iron Man fame, Robert Downey Jr. brings us into the world of nineteenth century London through a performance that can only be described as dignified. With impressive composure through all of the hi-jinks of Holmes and his sidekick, if Jude Law’s equally memorable performance can be seen as inferior, Dr. Watson.

   One of America’s sweethearts fell short though. In a plotline outside of the main good-guy-catches-bad-guy story, Rachel McAdams’s portrayal did not live up to the special effects and performances of her peers. She was good, but not great, seeming a bit dry in comparison.

   Shocks that have tubs of popcorn falling to the floor and suspense that leaves pulses throughout an audience keeping pace with the high-speed scoring are the key elements to this movie’s success. Guiding Mr. Holmes to a number two spot on the box office charts, preceded only by the controversial “Avatar,” is an sense of magic, a magic that doesn’t just exist in the cinema.

   This movie has the ability to convince an audience that not only is magic real, but that it’s frightening and then in a jaw-dropping twist in true Sherlock Holmes fashion, logic is the key to all mysteries.

   Grossing nearly $300 million worldwide, since it’s opening weekend, it’s no mystery that “Sherlock Holmes” is breathtakingly entertaining.