Spring Break fashion week

The 90’s and 70’s are coming back



Fashion week poster for 2015

by Gigi Allen, Staff Writer

During Spring Break fashion week the runway saw the 70s crash into the 90s and pop out fashion babies in some wild ideas.

Tory collection sported an outfit of wild stripes and patterns in black and white. The Tory Burch collection described their 2015 outfits as clothes with fringed jackets with crochet collars, toile-print shirts, graphic smocked dresses and paint-dipped accessories.

The J. Crew collection artist Tom Mora drew his inspiration from the 70s and one could see it in his inclusion of bright pops of colors throughout the collection.

The 90s inclusion in the mix was led by  New York designers such as Alexander Wang. Their clothes including generation x in and off the runways, working with the idea of minimalism.

In SXSW the fashion matched the stage, New York times Fashion & Style blog captured many people in clothes that seemed like modern twists on grunge, as well as leisure suits. The hair was wild and braided and dyed blue.

Tips for making your closet a 90s paradise is to add texture to your outfits. Denim, socks or tights and wool. Belts should be at the waist not the hips. The higher the belt, the longer your legs will look. Handbags should be in neutral chic brown and black chocolate colors.

You should go simple with your colors but wild with your styles if you want the 90s to mix with the 70s in these off-the-runway fashions.