Taylor Swift – “Speak Now” (2010) Review

  by Matt Klein 

  Don’t expect the same material Taylor Swift has written before; she’s left previous limits behind with previous material. Even with a short listen of the album, it’s no doubt that Swift has come a long way.

   She’s expanded from country-pop, adding more pop in certain areas, and throwing alternative into her blend. Don’t be hesitant if you disliked her previous releases, as “Speak Now” goes great served as an introduction piece, but also feeds old fans.

   The maturity of this album is well defined, in both subject matter and lyrics. It’s clear Swift has grown, as those lyrics about high school boys develop into men and celebrities. “Dear John” is a clear expression of uncomfortable anger, almost as if she was violated. “Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with?” she asks, as subject matter is directed toward John Mayer, without confirmation.

  “I can say things I wouldn’t say in real life. I couldn’t put the sentence together the way I could put the song together,” Swift reveals in an interview. It’s undeniable “Speak Now” reflects many recent events in Taylor Swift’s life… from relations with Taylor Lautner, harsh criticisms from the public, and one tool, Kanye West, interrupting the fame she deserves.

  “She’s an actress / But she’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress,” Taylor spits out on “Better than Revenge,” poking at more dark subject matter than one would expect. “Speak Now,” Taylor Swift’s third studio album, expresses anger and material one wouldn’t expect to see from such a young girl. This expression is positive, as it is doing everything but holding her back.

  I wouldn’t expect to see Swift running in place with future work. I suspect she’ll continue to advance with her artistic abilities and continue to test more deep waters. I recommend giving the album a listen, testing some genres you have doubted before. This album is a good representative for what’s to come; I expect Swift won’t stop here.