The Best of Austin…. Big Top Candy Shop




Our staff chose various topics to review and share with the students at LHS. This is part one of a 3-part series.

This South Congress store has become quite famous around the Austin metro area. Big Top is a candy shop located down on South Congress in downtown Austin. This store has any kind of candy you could think of, including astronaut food. Big Top also has their very own soda fountain, complete with ready to work soda jerks. The soda jerks pour in the soda syrup in based on order with precise measurements; they seem more like bartenders than soda workers. Most people, however, don’t know about the soda menu they have off the wall. The House Specialties menu can only be found online or through word of mouth.

I have been to Big Top so many times and it is always a thrill. My favorite drink off the specialties menu is Muddy Waters. Muddy Waters is Dr. Pepper, chocolate syrup, and cream, and it is the greatest creation known to man. My other favorite drink is Antique Lace which consists of rose water, vanilla, and cream. The rest of the menu consists of Fiji Mermaid (blue coconut, lime juice, lime syrup, and cream), Bearded Lady (Fuzzy peach, fresh lime juice, and 7 up), Scurvy Elixir (Emergen-c soda with choice of flavor), Witch Doctor (Dr. Pepper, Tigers Blood, and cream), Fire Eater (root beer, red hot, phosphate and cream), Pink Lady (sunkist, 7 up, red rasberry, and cream), Lemon Ice Box (lemon juice, wedding cake, vanilla, and cream), Pink Elephant (vanilla, pink cotton candy, and cream), Chupacabra (RC cola, vanilla, rootbeer, and cream).

This store is a must see. It has post apocalyptic instruments on the wall and everything around is circus themed. There are so many things to do there you won’t be disappointed.

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