The Best of Austin Part 2…… The Wall


by Brianna Acosta


Leander ISD has one of the best fine arts programs in the state and many students at our school participate. I know that most of us really enjoy art, but honestly a lot of people are not going to go downtown and pay to walk through an art gallery.

This Wall is located at 1102 Baylor street, right past Waterloo records.This wall in Austin is a great way to see local art and the best part is it is free! The only downside is that the city requires someone to have a permit to put creativity on this wall. IMG_3377

I love this wall because I am a huge fan of art, and it is just really neat to see the way it is set up. It is a dangerous climb to the top, but once you make it the views are spectacular. The city skyline is within view as well as the entire wall looking down. This wall is a must-see for anyone even if they don’t like art, we all can find something cool even if the coolest part is hiking to the top. This wall is the best of Austin.

IMG_3362 IMG_3373