The Best of Austin Part 4…. Waterloo Records

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Waterloo Records is an Austin icon  located on the corner of 6th and Lamar. Waterloo sells movies, CDs, tapes, fandom items for the greatest fans, and actual records. They also buy records and CDs, if you have any to sell.

The neatest thing about this store is the large variety of music it has, you can always find music you like. waterloo has classical music, rock, hip hop, blues, anything you can think of. The store is split into two different parts, one side has all the records and old stuff, while the other side has all the CDs and modern items. The two sides are connected and it looks like one whole store from the outside.

The prices are great records can be as cheap as $2, and they get new inventory everyday. Those of you that are concert goers and like to get tickets in advance can get them here without paying for it the shipping. Waterloo also sells shirts and some jewelry, mainly centered around an Austin theme.

I actually have a real record player at home, so this store is where I get most of my music from. This store does not aim towards any one genre of music, making the store comfortable to anyone who just enjoys listening to music. I mostly listen to classic rock, however, I recently got a Josh Groban CD who is one of those amazing europop singers. I personally enjoy music with my whole heart, for me this is my favorite store, kind of like Hollister is for my cousin.

Waterloo is ancient and needs to visited by everyone who enjoys music or just Austin culture.