The Blind Side

By Lauren Smith

   Earning $34,119,372 its opening weekend and then more than doubling it the next, “The Blind Side” stands tall in box offices stats that are currently being dominated by a cult phenomenon. Starring Quinton Aaron and Sandra Bullock, in what some would call her most uplifting performance ever; this movie provides viewers with a truly heartwarming story, intertwined with an entertaining football movie.

   “The Blind Side” documents the true story of Michael Oher, a first round pick in pick in the NFL draft this year and uses his story to remind a society that is pockmarked with war, hate crimes, and gang fights, that there is still hope for the virtue of humanity; that genuinely good people are still around.

   Sandra Bullock offers an outstanding performance as Leigh Anne Tuohy, a role that one wouldn’t necessarily expect to see her in. In a character that could have easily been over-acted, Bullock is able to capture pure determination and compassion with ease, leaving audiences across the nation reaching for a tissue.

   Though this movie might not immediately appeal to those outside of football fandom, it is definitely worth seeing. First and foremost, it portrays a message. It reminds us just how fortunate we are. It gives us a taste of the hardships that some people go through on a daily basis that aren’t always thought about. We are shown how to act; with complete compassion and disregard of disapproval.

   As for the football fans, one is hardly denied the thrill of the game in this movie. With several action sequences, one might find themselves on the edge of their seats, shouting and clapping, just as they would at a real football game. The movie also features some familiar faces to football fans. Many real college football coaches, including Houston Nutt (former Arkansas head coach) and Ed Orgeron (former Ole Miss head coach) make cameos.

  “The Blind Side” is currently ranked #7 among the highest grossing sports dramas of all time, barely behind extremely popular movies such as “Rocky” and “Million Dollar Baby.” This movie does more than just entertain viewers; it leaves them wanting to make a difference.