TV Review: Men in Blazers

Comedic group spreads soccer love in the U.S.

by Kyle Gehman, Editor-In-Chief

Men in Blazers is a TV show with the comedic duo of Michael Davis and Roger Bennett where they discuss Premier League soccer games from the past weekend with a funny twist. This show gets 3.5/5.

The show consists of the two giving silly commentary about the actual soccer highlights from the games; however, their focus is more on the unseen funny moments like coaches reactions and fan shots that the cameras have missed. Some of their jokes are carried over from different episodes which can be confusing at first, but if you watch more than one episode it really adds to your viewing experience. At the end of the show, they interview different celebrities and soccer icons such as Will Ferrell, Christian Fuchs and Victor Cruz. This show is mainly for younger audiences because of how silly it is, but it can be appealing to anyone whether they enjoy or know about soccer or don’t because the aim of the Davis and Bennett is to spread their love of the great sport of soccer to Americans.

In addition to their TV show on NBCSN, they also have a weekly podcast on SoundCloud and a newsletter called The Raven that you can subscribe to on email. Both of these are much more serious but equally as humorous. The duo have a large following from adults and kids alike around the United States, and they are very good at reaching out to fans. Their success here has really helped spread soccer in this country, where passion and knowledge for the game lacks compared to the rest of the world, mainly because of the fact that any age and degree of soccer understanding can sit back and enjoy them. The TV show itself earns a 3.5 rating but all they have to offer make them a successful and enjoyable group.

Although they brand themselves as creme de la crap of sports commentary, the Men in Blazers show is great watch for anyone who wants a good laugh and is a must watch for any soccer fans. Their podcast can be found here and their website here.