TV Series Review: “Game of Thrones”

by Cody Arnstadt, Staff writer

Based on the best-selling fantasy books by George R. R. Marti, Game of Thrones is a melodramatic television show HBO, featuring tons of gore, violence and a griping plot line that holds the watcher in with its intense cliffhangers. After its debut in the spring of 2011 it gathered a much hyped audience, and as well as the audience the critics praised it as a masterpiece of fantasy, that stood true to the novels it was based from.  It is true that the show is quite graphic, with all type murder, torture, and sex, from beheadings to burning alive.

The show revolves around a mystical land with mass armies that want to claim the iron throne of the seven kingdoms for their own people. The families that the show brings attention to is the Lannisters, a rich family that expects that throne to belong to their children, the Starks, who wish to overthrow the Lannisters after being betrayed. Approaching the 3rd season the Game of Thrones has been through a lot through the past 2 season, involving a war between the Lannisters and the Starks. John Snow, illegitimate son of Ned Stark, has to face the endeavors of The Night’s Watch. The Khaleesi, queen of the dragons, wishes to claim the throne that belonged to her father, who wrongfully had it stolen.

Game of Thrones is very tightly woven together through a great story told by the different families, the acting a phenomenal, keeping you glued to the screen episode after episode. Filmed in Northern Ireland, Malta, Croatia, Iceland, and Morocco the scenery is breathtaking, as you peer into some of the most beautiful locations since Lord of the Rings, making to feel very realistic, as if you are there with them. It might not be age appropriate, not suitable for some people to watch, with all its violence, profanity, and nudity.

I highly recommend the show if you are a fan of fantasy, it has to be one of my favorite shows I have ever seen and wish to spread the greatness around. I give the show 5 thrones out of 5.