Evolution of Hashtag


by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

This sign has been used throughout history as a sharp symbol in music (a sharp note), a number sign (as in a #2 pencil), a pound sign (‘please press pound to complete the call’), and most recently, the ‘hashtag.’ In other countries, it is known as ‘hash’ which dates back to the 1970s. The true name of this popular sign is octothorpe.

The ‘hashtag’ has been made famous by Twitter, the social media site where you have to be able to express a thought or comment in 140 characters or less. It’s also used on Instagram, tumblr, and Facebook. In tic-tac-toe the board is a variation of the hashtag.

Because of the use on these popular networking sites, some members of the younger generations (middle schoolers to high schoolers) can be heard using “hashtag” in conversation. Examples include: hashtag white-girl status, hashtag yolo swag, and hashtag reasons why. Well, what is the #reasonwhy this symbol has become so popular? Is it  because of it’s simple yet edgy appearance, or the way that it can be easily formed? It’s not a very difficult thing to draw, but using it in sentences is kind of ridiculous.

Conversations used to be formal with proper use of grammar and terminology. There was a format and process that people followed. Now, although informal and more comfortable, society has gotten lazy, so lazy to the point where people use prepositions to end sentences..with. What’s even worse is when the hashtag ends with a preposition.

The chances of this new cultural fad maintaining its place in this new day and age is very low, so those worried about having to hear the term in their old age won’t have to be too cautious about spending money on ear-plugs.