Musical Diversity Through Genres


by Jack Densmore, Staff Writer

Music is a very influential part of our culture and has been since the dawn of the first humans. The diversity in music can depend on a variety of things: location, parental influence, and personal influence. Sometimes popular music genres are located in specific places. Such as represented in this infographic, country is the most popular music genre in Texas and many southern states. Along side country alternative is very influential mostly because of age. Teenagers usually listen to alternative, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), and Rap/Hip Hop. Parental influence can sometimes influence someone to listen to a certain type of music such as if their parents listened to rock then odds are their son will also listen to rock.

Even though the music is very diverse a lot of people do listen to all types of music and have a tough time picking one specific genre. In genres there are also sub genres and even more sub genres such as EDM has dubstep, trap, drumstep, DnB, house, trance, glitch hop, and etc. The many many sub genres of music continues to make our musical world more diverse, which is a good thing. It is nice to see different opinions on music as well as learning what types of music people listen to. For years this has created friendships and romantic relationships as one of the first questions is “What type of music do you listen to?”. Music is always going to be apart of our lives whether we are happy, sad, or mad we will always have the choice to listen to our favorite music.

Untitled Infographic